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A site by, for and about the rapidly growing community (we hope) of AEPi Alumni from the University of Texas at Austin.
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Please participate and keep in touch with your brothers... or you'll have to answer to Fanny Ruth!

On Saturday, November 3rd  past Supreme Master Sam Blustein is going to receive the highest honor the fraternity bestows on members, the Order of the Lion at a dinner here in Houston. The event will be at 7:00 PM (preceded by cocktails at 6:00 PM) at Grotto’s 4715 Westheimer. You and your significant other are invited to join us for a memorable evening of fine dining and brotherhood. Cost is $45.00 per person.

To register and pay for this event, please click here.

 Besides honoring Sam, this is going to be a great opportunity to get together with other Houston area AEPi alumni as well as National AEPi board members who are flying in to present Sam his award.

Hope to see many  of you there!

Bill Rubinsky



Meyer Goldberg’s mom, Esther Goldberg passed away Thursday morning after a lengthy illness.

For many of us, Esther was a second Mom, who enjoyed watching all her children at play but not shy about telling all of us how to do it like menschen!  We’ll miss her!

Funeral services will be graveside at the Beth Yeshurun Cemetery located at 1037 N Post Oak Lane (at I-10) on Sunday, September 9th at 10:30 AM.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Meyer and the entire Goldberg family.

Bill Rubinsky and Brother X

Tonight we began the umpteenth annual AEPi reunion, a celebration of something (I just can’t remember!) here in Austin.


Big TEXASAPES Kudos to brothers Bob B. Wizig, Chuck E. Green and Pap Shmir Rubinsky for an oustanding job putting together Friday night’s affair.  Great food (yes it WAS soft and chewable).  Great camaraderie (yes most of us ARE soft).  And AEPi Little Sisters who are still as gorgeous today as they were 40 years ago (yes they ARE STILL  soft AND chewable!).

In fact, without the dedication of this troika of dedicated Gamma Dudes, we’d all be hanging out elsewhere this weekend.  And frankly, I think I speak for all of us when I say sometimes it’s just good to hang out with a bunch of shmeckels just like ourselves.  Birds of a feather, eh?  Ah, but I digest…

Thanks to the AEPi actives who hosted us and still haven’t managed to destroy the great new house.  And special thanks to Sterling Affairs for the awesome food.

Now this reporter didn’t attend the unbridled debauchery that followed the Friday night dinner, but he’s relatively sure that most of you guys were asleep by the time this entry was posted.  Just kidding!  ALL OF YOU!

Tomorrow holds more adventures, and if you’re up for a little soul music, come shake your tuchises to the music of Rhythm Congress at Central Market at 3:15.  You might even see a certain Texas Ape in the horn section for the second half of the set.

Meanwhile, it’s time to shuck and jive … and somehow stay alive … until tomorrow’s momentous climax (y’all bring your umbrellas) at Iron Cactus.

Buenas noches, roaches.



Bill Becker will be leading another excursion to Hippie Hollow

The time is nigh.  It’s reunion time in Austin!  This weekend.

If you didn’t respond … if you just FIO’ed … but have had a change of heart, blood or Depends, then you can still get in the car and bring your tuchis to Austin.

For the past year, Bill Bobby and Chuck (OK, mostly Bill) have been pounding us with the line, “ A Weekend of Good Times, Great Friends and Soft Chewable Foods.”

The photos have been great!  Especially the one with the faygeles skinny dipping at the lake! (From behind they look like, ahem…)    But it’s time to forget the nostalgia and try and remember what happened tomorrow.

In fact, I believe the marketing line, as apropos as it might be, is  underestimating us.  (OK, most of us).  I, for one, believe there’s still some GOOD BULLSHIT left to be had by this group.

So as former chairman of the “Good Cold Shit Committee” under Rush Captain Reichek, I will be on a quest to find, capture and expose Good Bullshit, no matter how dried up and wrinkly it is!

Perhaps after some soft chewable foods, the Good Bullshit won’t be so dried up and wrinkly.

I’d love to play softball with you meshuganers on Saturday, but I’ve been given an aliyah with an R&B band at the Texas Community Music Festival.  At least when THEY play “Walkin’ the Dog,” ALL the dogs can WALK afterwards!  OY! Hopefully, someone will have a still/video camera at the ballgame to chronicle the event (and collect evidence for the ensuing lawsuits.)  Though unconfirmed, it’s possible that Brother Papshmir would have a coronary if a food fight were to break out.  So I think we should let him start it.  (It’ll be good practice for our next reunion, in Houston at Seven Acres!)

There is no doubt that Good Bullshit never dies. It just goes a little slower!

See you tonight!