Here is the body of work of our own Cecil B. DeMillstein, Alan H. Paull. If you were present for the 35th Anniversary Reunion, you will have fond memories of this weekend. If you weren’t then it’s time to share with those who were there.

Thanks to Alan for his great work. Of course, because of various copyright violations we’ve had to do some serious yentzing around with the product (is there a lawyer in the house?)

The Boys are Back in Town

Don’t Pull Anything!

(Are you kidding? This group will never stop pulling, er, never mind!)

AEPi Reunion 2006-2 @ Yahoo! Video

How Did We Get Here

(More important, how do we get back out?)

AEPi Reunion 2006-3 @ Yahoo! Video

2006 Reunion Banquet

(What? No FASC meeting?)