This page is devoted to the events leading up to the building of our new AEPi House at 28th and Rio Grande, and the ribbon cutting, in time for the 2010 Fall Semester.  It’s a great time to be a Texas Ape… and this is the place where we can share the nachas with each other … or is that nachos?

Ribbon is Cut!

Mission Accomplished!

Friends — We’re BACK!

Follow the Progress of The New Pi House

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Remarks by Past Master Jeff Dworkin at AEPi Groundbreaking, 11-7-09

“Past Supreme Masters Berman and Kaplan, Supreme Master Elect- Blustein, Brothers, Parents and guests I want to welcome you to the groundbreaking of our new AEPi home here at The University of Texas! My Name is Jeff Dworkin- Past Master 1986, I am Chairman of the Building Committee of the Gamma Deuteron Housing Corp.”

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Remarks by Rabbi David Komerofsky at AEPi Groundbreaking, 11-7-09

“In Parashat Vayera we learn that Abraham and Sarah’s tent was open on all four sides to welcome visitors. Theirs is the paradigm of hospitality. Our first Jewish ancestors modeled friendliness, warmth and the importance of family – the family into which you are born and the friends that you make throughout your life. The brothers of this AEPi chapter are a family of seventy years. You share strong bonds, evidenced by an ongoing commitment to support the organization that has given so much to each of you.”

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Groundbreaking Weekend, November 6-7, 2009

Dallas Kickoff Event

Houston Kickoff Event